Miguel Tejada-Flores is a wordsmith – screenwriter – guionistascénariste – who suffers from an unnatural obsession with words and stories.  You can contact him directly at migueltejadaflores at gmail dot com. You can also find scattered tidbits from his brain on Twitter @MiguelATF

Miguel’s day job: he writes screenplays for a living. At present, in the Spring of 2012 – he has one film ‘in the can’ – one which has just begun production – and a 3rd hovering in an anticipatory state of limbo.  I BRAKE FOR GRINGOS, an irreverent comedy about gringo springbreakers in Mexico, cowritten with director Fernando Lebrija,  began filming on May 14, 2012, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY, a WWII zombie horror film, cowritten with dutch director Richard Raaphorst, has wrapped production in and near Prague, in the Czech Republic, and is now being edited. The third project, COQUETEANDO CON LA MUERTE (“Flirting With Death”), a fantasy/sci-fi dramatic television series with black humor overtones, developed with creator/exec producer Fernando Lebrija for Televisa in Mexico, is tentatively slated for production later during the year.

Two down, one to go.

But numbers are misleading and no way to judge or even approximate the blood, sweat, tears and hours, days, weeks, months and, yes, years of obsession, thinking, talking, writing, rewriting….and then rewriting again….which go into the creation of a screenplay or teleplay. It takes all of the above and then something else which Stephen Pressfield, the inspired author of `The War of Art’, calls divine intervention – or if you prefer, the blessings of those Creative Muses which seem to hover nearby for all of us in the so-called ‘creative’ disciplines.

And finally I can rarely forget the words of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, written in 1785, in his poem, “To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in her Nest with the Plough” –

The best-laid schemes o’ mice and men – Gang aft agley

or in modern English –

The best-laid plans of mine and men – often go awry.


“We will see,” said the blind man, to the deaf man, as the man with no legs walked away.


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  1. […] MIDNIGHT Frankenstein’s Army (Netherlands, Czech Republic) directed by Richard Raaphorst and written by Miguel Tejada Flores Logline: In the waning days of World War II, a team of Russian soldiers finds itself on a mysterious mission to the lab of one Dr. Victor Frankenstein. They unearth a terrifying Nazi plan to resurrect fallen soldiers as an army of unstoppable freaks and are soon trapped in a veritable haunted house of cobbled-together monstrosities. Frankenstein’s Army is the wild steampunk Nazi found-footage zombie mad scientist film you’ve always wanted. Veteran Hollywood screenwriter, Miguel Tejada Flores has written such horror reboots as Beyond Reanimator and family classics as The Lion King but notably this is the guy who gets story credit for Revenge of the Nerds back in ’84.  His next film is the upcoming I Brake for Gringos starring Camilla Belle directed by Mexican filmmaker Fernando Lebrija.  A frequent mentor over the years at  NALIP’s screenwriting and producing labs, it sounds like this guy is accessible and interested in nurturing the younger generation of Latino talent.  A California native, his family is from Bolivia.  Read his wordpress blog here. […]

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