the one less traveled by

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
― Robert Frost

The poem in which these words appear – “The Road not Taken” – was first published in 1916, ninety-six  years ago, but they still feel relevant to me today. And not just for roads that lead through woods – highways that bisect plains – or suburban streets like the ones I walked, bicycled through and later drove on in the Pasadena of my youth.

I think they apply to many things.  The choices writers make every day about their characters.  The choices actors make when they are taking a role and finding ways to make it live.  The choices you have to make when you are thinking of quitting a good job that pays a nice regular salary and trading it for uncertainty, nerves, and maybe the chance to finally try to do that thing you’ve been thinking about for years.

Or the choices I made last week walking down the main drag of Puerto Vallarta, along the zona hotelera or Hotel row, as I was nearing el Centro or downtown, a large boulevard with multiple lanes of traffic, signage, and buildings, many elegant, which all seemed designed to channel me in one direction.  I almost didn’t see it.  A tiny path which led off to the right as the road went over a small bridge that seemed to span nothing but overgrown watery reeds….

This is what I saw.



The one less traveled by.

In Vallarta.

In Pasadena.

In Los Angeles.

In Mexico City.

It’s there.  Waiting for you.

At least, I think it is.

But sometimes so hard to see.  So easy to just walk right on by…

I think I need to clean my glasses.  Excuse me…..


That’s better.

Now I can see, now I can—– Hey!  What are you doing there?  This is my road! Who invited you?  Oh…..I did?  Well, I guess maybe there’s room for two.  What do you think is at the end down there, behind those bushes?


Shall we find out?


Come on.

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