things I want to forget

Poet Linda Pastan’s words grow on me.

I read them.  I reread them.  Days, weeks, months, sometimes years later, I discover them again.  I reread them and marvel that it seems like I am reading them again, for the first time.

These words of hers are short.


And to the point.


I made a list of things I have

to remember and a list

of things I want to forget,

but I see they are the same list.



And then there is Beata Bieniak.

The Polish photographer. Who says her photos make a silent dialogue between herself and her viewers.  Who says her pictures are both a crutch, and a fullness. Who says they are a way of watching the world that surrounds her.

I look at her pictures.

They usually leave me…..speechless.

Like this one.

Finally free, by Beata Bieniak


And the bars of a cage.

Things I need to remember.

And those I want to forget.

A welcome crutch.

And a surprising fulness.


Thank you, Linda. Thank you, Beata.

3 comments on “things I want to forget

  1. Adriana Degetau says:

    thank you MATF!

  2. April says:

    Both expressions are very lovely 🙂

  3. Thank you, Adriana…..thank you, April.

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