c’est maintenant et dans l’instant | right now, this very instant

In the film Un Baiser Papillon (A Butterfly Kiss), one of the characters of writer/director Karine Silla says, about life, that “it happens right now, in this very instant.” Elle dit, de la vie, que “c’est maintenant et dans l’instant”.

Words to ponder.

Words I agree with.

Words which find an echo in the images of Polish photographer Benata Bieniak. Of this woman…

Or this woman


Or of this dog on a cold winter day

this man

and this woman who has stopped to look at the photographer’s lens


Life happens in the exact moment the camera shutter trips to take each of these pictures.

C’est maintenant et dans l’instant.

It’s happening right now, this very instant…as I am writing these words…and you are reading them.

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