Espantapájaros (Scarecrow)

Blanca Esteve is an animator and director from Barcelona, Spain. She has made a number of short animated films – cortometrajes. This particular film, Espantapájaros (Scrarecrow) is based on a short prose poem by Oliverio Girondo, the Argentine poet. 

Here is the original Spanish text of Espantapájaros –

Me importa un pito que las mujeres tengan los senos como magnolias o como pasas de higo; un cutis de durazno o de papel de lija. Le doy una importancia igual a cero, al hecho de que amanezcan con un aliento afrodisi­aco o con un aliento insecticida. Soy perfectamente capaz de soportar una nariz que sacaría el primer premio en una exposición de zanahorias; ¡pero eso sí! -y en esto soy irreductible- no les perdono, bajo ningún pretexto, que no sepan volar. Si no saben volar, pierden el tiempo conmigo.


And here my attempt at an English translation –

I could care less whether women have breasts like magnolias or raisins; whether their skin has the softeness of a peach or the harshness of sandpaper. It makes absolutely no difference to me, no more so than whether they wake up in the morning with a sensuous aphrodisiac breath or breathing out something closer to insecticide. I’m quite willing to accept a nose that would win first prize at the county fair for the biggest carrot. But – and here it comes! and on this one point, no compromise: I cannot, will not, accept under any circumstances a woman who is unable to fly! If a woman can’t fly, she’s wasting her time with me.


Blanca Esteve’s animated film, like all serious art, is greater than the sum of its individual components or constituent parts. She takes Oliverio Girondo’s text and uses it as the basis for her evolving, transforming, mutating images in ways which….well, words fail me. You need to look at it to understand.  Here it is – Espantapájaros –

Respectful silence.

Applause.  Aplausos.

Did I mention….Blanca Esteve is a great filmmaker?

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