Bookstore Baboon

Roseburg, Oregon is not a city known for its bookstores. But those who know While Away books come back again and again…for the books….for the coffee….

…and for the company.

     In the wild baboons eat leaves, blossoms, seeds, gum, pods from acacia trees, green grass, roots, flowers, herbs, bushes, roots and small animals.

     But in bookstores, if you look closely, you can see this baboon likes Alice Sebold, Chopin, Larry Woiwode, and Nicholas Sparks, among others.  We know postmodern culture has been influenced by food and food metaphors….but a baboon’s literary tastes – not to mention actually eating books – may give us insight into political and social fragmentation, patriarchal oppression, and repressed sexual desire, among other things.
     I’m getting hungry. 

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