The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

An amazing short film by Studiocanoe – which is the professional name for Temujin Doran, an illustrator and indie filmmaker who lives in London. This film was made for the Nokia Shorts 2011 competition. It tells the story of a boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box, and was shot on a Nokia N8 smartphone. But the technical details aren’t really important….what is important is the vision….the images….and the emotions they evoke.

And also the message – how we – human beings, young and old – in this case children – use our imagination….to make create our own magical worlds….to bring to life things which live inside our heads, our minds, our spirits.

And like all great films, it communicates not with words….but with images.

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box from Studiocanoe on Vimeo. A technical note: for some older slower laptops, computers or other media devices, turning off HD can make the film play more smoothly and quickly.

Temujin – who composed the original music as well – dedicated this film to his brother, of whom he says, “he is a genius”.

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