The Black Hole

I think many writers suffer from the disease…of asking ourselves….why we are doing what we are doing….and what is the point.

Screenwriters too.  We have our own twisted variations on the disease but it’s the same story.

Then every once in awhile you get lucky….you read a great script….you see a great movie (which you just know started with a great script) and your blood starts flowing faster, the neurons are firing faster in the part of your brain that is still functioning.  Because you have just read – or seen – something that….really answers the question of why we (storytellers) do what we do (write or go through gesticulations and backflips to see our words transformed into images and coming alive on the small sceen or the large one) – because….

Because in simple English:  it really works.

So that’s what a script should be.  Not a good script but a great one – they should have that indefinable je ne sais quoi – they should somehow come together out of an accumulation of parts and disparate elements which takes the reader and/or the viewer on a journey that they can’t stop…all the way to the (whatever it may be) end.

Because…..forget all those fancy words and analyses and explanations by learned men and women in screenwriting books and classes and panels and all those clever and catchy and thoughtful things they say…

Because….it works.

This film – THE BLACK HOLE – is one of that small (well, smaller than I wish – maybe not that small really but relative to the larger masses and oceans of garbage and crap and recycled filmic flotsam and jetsam) number of films….that work.

Watching it, part of me wonders whether the script worked as well as the movie before it was filmed….but another part of me really doesn’t give two cents or a nickel or a metaphorical shit because….it works.

So here it is….again….for all those who, like me, at some point ask those questions…and wonder what the answers may be, and when (if ever) they might come.

So sit down.  Grab some popcorn oozing with delicious chemical butter and unmentionable other chemical products that are somehow both sweet and salty and spicy at the same time…and go to the movies.

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