Crocodiles in the Vallarta Airport

And, on the lighter side, since they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here is a sculpture in the Puerto Vallarta Airport – of a Crocodile emerging from a sewer/manhole cover.  Inspired by the many urban legends of baby crocodiles flushed down NYC toilets who grow to giant size in the subterranean sewers.  Taken during a trip to Vallarta last year, with my venerable Olympus C-8080 digicam.

Think about the possibilities.


Ruminations in the Multiverse

My first blog post.  Let’s keep this short and to the point.

Live each day as though it were your last.

Words many philosophers have echoed, paraphrased or restated.

They have a personal meaning for me now as my older sister Toni, aka Antonia, underwent emergency critical surgery two weeks ago after coming up to Oregon to attend my son Rafe’s wedding.  Toni’s been in poor health for years but was determined to come to the wedding and her determination carried her through in spite of her protesting body.  Now, post surgery, she’s facing rehab for both new and serious physical problems and possible neurological complications from her recent traumas.

What does it all mean?  That her life may change profoundly.

And sitting here in the relative comfort of my writing office at home in Talent, I can’t help thinking of the old adage, ‘there but for the grace of God, go I’.

Who knows what the future holds for her, for me, for any of us?

But, damn….might as well really LIVE in this present moment….while we are able to.

Words to live by.